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TWGHs Social Welfare Services

The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals is the oldest and largest charitable organization in Hong Kong, providing a wide range of services including health, education and social welfare, distributed around Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals have developed early childhood services since 1968. It has 15 kindergartens for registered non-profit-making kindergartens and child care centres. It provides long whole day care and education services for children under the age of six as well as the integrated programme. The curriculum focuses on the child's needs according to their age of development, cultural and individual characteristics to build their strong foundation, a healthy body and mind in a pleasant environment, with a good learning attitude and daily habits

Brief History

Our nursery school is under the governance of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The school commenced operation in 1979 to provide care and educational services for young children in Upper Sau Mau Ping. It was then relocated to the current address in August 1994 upon the redevelopment of the public housing estate. To align with the implementation of Harmonization of Pre-primary Services, the school was registered under Education and Manpower Bureau (currently Education Bureau) as Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre in September 2005. It joined the “Kindergarten Education Scheme” implemented by the Education Bureau in September 2017; and received additional fundings from the Social Welfare Department to enhance the childcare services in September 2019

Theme Song (Chinese only)




合作不分彼此相關注 心中溫暖



愉快相親相愛兩手牽 齊共勉

Repeat *兩手牽 心意堅


讓東華上下同懷一心 將愛獻



愉快高聲歌唱兩手牽 齊共勉

School Mission

​​​​​​​Under the care and guidance of our professionally trained staff, let children grow and develop healthily in a nurturing environment.
Assist family to meet their childcare and education needs, so parents can work with peace of mind. Through family school collaboration, we foster the healthy development of children.
Design a curriculum that aligns with children’s developmental ages and cater for individual differences and cultural diversity. Provide good quality activities and environment so that children can build a solid foundation and develop good learning attitudes and living habits.

School Characteristics

Focus on life experience in different aspects. Children learn from games and practices and grow with their own experiences.
Through daily live activities and sense education, we establish children’s elementary skills. We inspire children’s curiosity, encourage them to explore and prompt students’ motivation with learning goal.
Story-based teaching approach is tied in to help children develop the essential skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing so as to improve children's reading strategies and foster an interest in reading.
Take care of children’s emotional development and nurture students’ self-efficacy and social skills.
Aim to develop healthy habits and self-care ability of children, including take care of both themselves and others, furthermore, concern about the neighborhood and society
Diverse means to support parents over child learning and parent-child relationship.

Environment and Facilities

The school is of 473 sq. m., which includes 3 activity rooms, a big muscle playground, a music room, a counselling room, a kitchen, children's toilets, supervisor room and staff room. 
Each activity room comprises a diversity of age-appropriate learning areas to inspire children’s interests in learning and enrich their life experiences. The areas include multi-sensory corner, language corner, learning material corner, constructive play corner, reading corner, arts and craft corner, quiet corner, natural science corner, dramatic play corner, life skills corner and so on. 


The “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” issued by the Education Bureau in 2017 is referenced. Our curriculum adopts “child-centredness” as our core value and teaching approaches of “Real-life Themes”, “Integrated Approach” and “Learning through Play” to inspire inquisitive minds. We also incorporate learning opportunities into daily routines, so as to nurture a balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics respectively.
The “Whole-language” approach is also adopted using Chinese and English picture books to develop children’s abilities to listen, speak, read and write, as well as self-motivated learning.


​​​​​​​Our principal and teachers have each obtained professional qualification including bachelor’s degree/master’s degree, and are all full of passion and experiences in teaching.
The teacher to child ratio is 1:11 (1:6 for special outdoor events). Additional staff are employed for Occasional Child Care Service and Extended Hours Service
Registered special childcare workers support the Integrated Programme.
Registered social worker and clinical psychologist provide professional support services for children and parents in need.
Physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist will visit regularly to provide consultation and training for the children in the Integrated Programme.