Early childrood Services
(2-6 years old children)

Our school offers Pre-nursery (PN), Nursery(K1), Lower KG (K2), and Upper KG (K3), all of which are all-day classes. To provide care and educational services to children to include daily pedagogical activities, arts, music, gross motor activities, story, meals and nap time.

Occasional Child
Care Service

It provides full-day, half-day or 2.5-hour session childcare services for parents or caregivers who need to handle emergency or other ad hoc matters. 

Extended Hours Service

It provides extended hours childcare service to our children with working parents or from families with social needs. 

Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions

It provides preventive, developmental and therapeutic social work services to our children and families, so as to foster a caring environment for our children to develop healthily and happily. 

Integrated Programme

It allows children with mild disabilities to study and socialize in the mainstream environment which facilitates social inclusion and future integration in the society. Our special child care workers will provide assessment and tailor appropriate training for the children. Through inclusive education, small group activities, individual training, and home-based activities, we strive to develop the children’s potential fully. 

On-site Pre-school
Rehabilitation Services

The service is supported by Tung Wah’s trans-disciplinary on-site rehabilitation service team. The aim is to provide early support and training to children with mild disabilities during the sensitive periods. 

Tier 1 Support
Services (Pilot Project)

The project adopts a school-based integrative approach providing early intervention services for children awaiting assessment by Child Assessment Centres (CACs), or assessed by CACs to have borderline developmental problems.